The bitCOIN diVERSITY ORGanization - bringing diversity to bitcoin ownership, education and use worldwide.

Coinversity.org was created to bring greater diversity to bitcoin ownership, education and use worldwide by focusing on minority and lower socio-economic groups worldwide. Coinversity is an open resource to everyone interested in bitcoin the currency, bitcoin the technology, bitcoin the payment network and anything and everything cryptocurrency related.

What is bitcoin?

Bitcoin is digital cash, however bitcoin is also much more than digital cash. Bitcoin is a decentralized technology, peer to peer payment network and its first application is a currency. A thorough explanation of bitcoin can be found in the Faq section above.


When we first discovered bitcoin, I quickly realized how revolutionary this technology was and voraciously read every piece of literature I could find. We began to share our information with friends, family, business associates and attended conferences throughout the world. There were many educated and wealthy people at these conferences who were very passionate about bitcoin, however very few of these people were lower socioeconomic groups which could potentially benefit the most from bitcoin use. We knew that the people at these conferences were positioning themselves to be leaders in a decentralized application and currency revolution and we also quickly realized that we had to do my best to educate members of other less fortunate communities worldwide on the many benefits of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as well as the technological innovations associated with bitcoin.

We created the Coinversity.org with the goal of educating everyone on the benefits of bitcoin with an emphasis on lower socio-economic groups and countries worldwide including consumers and business owners.

At Coinversity.org you will find a wealth of information about bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, how to buy it, where you can use it and its future as well as interviews by some of the top investors and pioneers in the bitcoin space. We don’t want anyone to miss out on this opportunity and at Coinversity.org nobody will.

Coinversity.org's Founding Members Include:

Marvin Jones, Jr. Esq.

Marvin Jones Jr. Esq. is a former corporate attorney and current Internet and bitcoin entrepreneur. He frequently speaks at bitcoin conferences worldwide including Macau, San Fransciso, London, and Tokyo.

Quinton Figueroa

Quinton Figueroa is a highly experienced programmer Internet entrepreneur and bitcoin enthusiast. He currently works on a wide variety of bitcoin related projects.

Alakanani Itireleng

Alakanani Itireleng is a visionary entrepreneur and community builder. She is the voice of bitcoin in Botswana founding Bitcoin Botswana and her mission is to see the adoption, use and growth of Bitcoin not only in Botswana but the rest of Africa. She has connected with Bitcoiners in Ghana, Uganda, Sierra Leone and Somalia in order to help them build bitcoin communities in their respective countries.